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Serving East Texas Since 1994


Serving East Texas Since 1994

Why Choose Eddie Clark to Build Your New Home?
When you first begin to think about building a new home, it is sometimes overwhelming to know you will have so many decisions to make, many of which you may have no experience in doing. So, where do you begin to be sure you are making not only the right choices, but the best ones for what you are wanting to do? The following areas are ones that should be examined when you begin to select a builder, and an explanation follows of why you should choose Eddie Clark for effective quality results in each of those areas.

"What sets Eddie Clark apart from other builders?"


Complete Financial Disclosure and Open Budget Preparation:   
The homeowner will be provided with a detailed budget for each and every phase of the building process. The builders’ fee is figured in from the beginning, and there are no hidden costs. All is disclosed at the time of the final bid, and there are absolutely no deviations from that amount unless the builder requests increases be applied.
One prevalent problem many new homeowners face is getting a low price on their bid, of which they are most excited, but when it comes to selecting fixtures and amenities in the home, they do not have nearly enough money to get the quality items they desire. In Eddie Clark's bid, you will find an ample amount to furnish and finish out your new home exactly as you envision it. The secret of uniqueness is the finish out, and Eddie provides the homeowner with a wide of variety of choices in that regard.



A Variety of Services with Quality Results:
All builders are able to provide architectural services, site evaluations and selection and etc. The homeowner has to trust the builder in ensuring each of those is of the highest quality. There are also numerous different sub contractors and vendors in which you have to put your trust. How do you know they are the best ones for the job? All of these are areas of decision making that the homeowner has to be confident with.

Eddie has used the same quality sub contractors for the past 24 years in the East Texas area. Because of that, he is able to guarantee their work without hesitation. He has established a clientele of people who know what he expects and are willing to provide that quality level of work. Those contractors produce the same quality of work whether the home is 2500 sq. ft. or 25,000 sq. ft. In each case, the services will be the same with the same attention to detail that makes a difference in each home.

Knowledge and Experience:
There are so many builders available. How do you decide? What do you look for? The most important factors in building a quality product is the knowledge and experience of your builder. Many people begin to enter the construction business and prove to be good managers and salesmen, but the ones who have come through the ranks of all phases of building are the ones who provide the most knowledge and experience of what represents a quality structure vs. one that cuts costs.


Eddie Clark has been building homes in East Texas and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. You will see in the gallery on this site all of the various designs, elevations and styles he has incorporated for different homeowners. The majority of his building projects have been through referrals and repeat business from homeowners who have hired him. He began as an apprentice in absolutely every phase of building: framing, flooring, roofing, plumbing and electricity. He then became a lead framer and trim carpenter for years before beginning his own construction company. Because of that base knowledge, he was able to select quality subcontractors and he works side by side with them throughout the project to ensure that quality of services. His finish out in homes is far above the average, and he prides himself in having a unique signature of quality and luxury regardless of the size of a home.

Communication and Visibility:   
Many homeowners become frustrated with the number of people they end up dealing with throughout a building project. You start with a meeting with the builder, and then after that, the builder is rarely seen on their jobs. There are office personnel, property managers, superintendents, and etc.

Eddie Clark Contractors, LLC. consists of Eddie Clark. He is the property manager, superintendent, etc. and he is who you see each day on your job site overseeing each and every phase of the building process. A builder can only guarantee quality of their products if he is the one who is there to ensure that is what takes place. With Eddie Clark Contractors, you will deal with Eddie from concept to completion and any and all communication will be directly with him. He feels the key to a pleasant experience is strong communication with up front explanations for the homeowner through every process of completion.

Remember: Anyone can build a house: Eddie Clark will build your dream home to the level of perfection that you expect, and many special memories will follow as you enjoy your creation. Eddie's homes are set apart from the norm and give the homeowner pride in having something “out of the ordinary”

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