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Serving East Texas Since 1994

*Custom Home Building
Whether you are in the market to build a 2,500 square foot home or a 25,000 square foot estate, building your "Dream Home" is what we do best. No matter what size you're considering, our attention to detail and quality finish out will give your new home a unique and luxurious feel and appearance.  We will guide you through the process from beginning to end. Unlike most home builders, Eddie Clark has selected not to hire superintendents to run his projects. Instead, he personally guides you through the building process from concept to completion, step by step, to ensure your comfort throughout the process and your complete satisfaction.

*Site Selection/Evaluation
One of the most tedious phases of building a new home is selecting the property on which your home will be built. We can help you determine which of the properties that you may be considering will be the most cost effective for your specific building needs and best fit the overall style and setting for your new home or estate. Already have property? We provide you with onsite evaluation to determine what steps must be taken to get it ready for the building process and provide you with the detailed information to aid in developing the home's layout and dimensions so that the architectural phase can begin.

*Small Commercial & Additions
We can easily assist you in any small, commercial projects from start to finish out. We can also assist you in adding structures to your existing property such as large workshops, in-law suites, and more. Please contact us with your specific needs to receive a free consultation on your project.

*Preliminary Design
Whether you have home plans that need a little tweaking, or simply have ideas and photos of styles you like, we will assist in developing custom home plans. We work with exceptional designers who are very knowledgeable in not only the latest trends and codes, but also the most current utilizations of space and design. A preliminary meeting will be held to help us determine your personal needs and desires for your new home. Eddie will then meet with you and his designer to begin designing a floor plan that will maximize your desired square footage and give you the custom architectural and design elements that will showcase your personal style.

*Budget Preparation
You will be provided with a complete, detailed budget for all phases of the construction process and will see those costs implemented throughout the project. Allowances are given for all areas of construction and finish out letting you see where 100% of your budget is going. There are no hidden costs and a flat builder's fee will be clearly indicated on your bid from the very beginning of construction.

*Renovation & Remodeling
We provide a Free onsite consultation to determine project goals and execution. An evaluation will be given to advise customers of structural and cosmetic options that will be cost effective, and, at the same time, achieve your desired results.

*Interior Design
Incorporated into each bid, if desired, you will be given a budgeted allowance for a professional interior designer/decorator to aid you in making selections including interior/exterior colors and materials, lighting, fixtures, flooring, and more. You can get suggestions from our interior designer and implement those designs yourself, or you can hire the designer to be your consultant. Additional services are available for everything from furniture to decorative items right down to window treatments and bedding.

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